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Monday, 8 August 2016


Dean Hall Christian Centre in West Ealing is a place I remember fondly. It was literally 2 minutes from my home. I was an impressionable 8 year old when I started attending the youth club on Thursday nights.

I joined completely for the wrong reasons. I was wooed into attending because at the end of each club session, we were given chocolates. And as an 8-year-old, I loved chocolates. Still do as an adult. 

With all the fun and love that was being poured on me at the Thursday’s youth club, I quickly joined the Sunday service. I would attend my local Catholic church in the morning and also attend Dean Hall immediately afterwards. I received even bigger goodies based on the amount of times I attended. I was committed to attending as many services as I could just because I wanted to get top notch goodies. Little did I know that my regular attendance at this little church was planting a seed in me. They were not only preaching the Word of God, their light was shining bright.

I met people in this small little church that were loving, caring and compassionate.  They put others first before themselves. They loved others the way Christ loved the church.  They set a high standard as how Christians ought to be. How can I get forget the likes of Mr Smith, who was one of the youth pastors.  I also went to a few summer camps in far away places in England with this tiny church.
It was nostalgic coming back to Dean Hall today.  We drove there and I showed my husband and kids this tiny place that was so significant in my life.

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes it’s the smaller things that make a bigger impact in your life.

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