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Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I love writing…
So today I decided to open myself up to the world. I'm a pretty open person but my blog posts will go deeper and talk about the things that matter to me. My aim is share a bit of light in a dark world. I hope my blog posts will be informative, as well as light hearted and fun, sometimes.  The topics that matter to me are inner confidence, kindness, honesty, integrity, emotional well being, empathy and loyalty. I hope to reflect them in all my posts as I open up myself up to you.

Who Am I?

I come from humble beginnings. My family are quite private so I wont say much about them other than that I am from a very large family and I am somewhere in the middle. I've lived in two continents. From age 0 to 11, I lived in London, England. From age 11 to 15, I lived in Owerri, Nigeria. From age 15 to 30’s I lived in London and from my late 30’s to now I live in Lagos. So how old does that make me lol? Pretty young looking right hahaha. I am married and have three amazing children. I love my mum and siblings deeply.

Death Strikes

It’s been quite a journey. Life is not always haha hehe. My dad died suddenly at age 72. He fell asleep peacefully on February 21st 2016 in London. That is when my whole world stood still. Confusion set in. My dad wasn’t supposed to die yet or ever to be quite frank. He wasn’t that ill. Me and siblings called him ''the old man'' in discussions, but we never meant it quite literally. He was getting on and had some common ailments that start to appear at his age but he was far from old. So it was a big shock to hear that he had passed. For the record I was a daddy's girl and his passing shattered my world quite literally.

Surprisingly, my dad’s death has left me with a strong urgency to tell my story. To share some light. To give people hope in a world that seems hopeless. To tell people that it is ok to be yourself. It frees you.

Freedom with Being You

I am passionate about people. I want people to be confident. I am not talking about outward fluffy confidence but real deep inner self belief which brings freedom. I moved to Lagos in 2008 and remember being caught up in the shallowness of my environment. It can be very seductive. You know the right bag, the right weave, designers, name dropping and so on. Dont get me wrong, I love good things but they shouldnt define you. Living in Lagos has been an eye opener for me, I must say. 

Let's Talk About Confidence

In September 2014 and out of the blue, I set up a facebook group called Raising Confident Girls. It's a great movement, if I do say so myself. Members passionately share issues affecting confidence in girls and there's never a dull moment. So many ladies share valuable knowledge and we all learn so much from each other.  

I am on a journey to tackle this whole issue of ''confidence'' not just for girls but for the world. 

So many people struggle with confidence even spirit filled Holy ones lol. We all do ''occasionally'' but accepting the struggle for what it is and taking steps to conquer it can bring healing. I think a lack of inner confidence imprisons you. 

It's part of my mission to heal the world and make it a better least doing my bit. So that's my intro and I look forward to sharing more insights with you soon. 

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  1. Yes RiRi, you're passionate about people and that's the main reason people are so drawn to you - you show genuine love and empathy to people around you.
    You're also very passionate about writing and I hope your blog will fulfill that purpose.
    Love you girl!

  2. Thank you Maddie. I appreciate the feedback. Just doing my bit as I said. Love you too xxx