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Wednesday, 4 January 2017


As a child, I always had a dream of doing something in entertainment. My mum even sent me to the popular Barbara Speaks stage school in London for a season.  I was the type of child that would light up the room with my dancing. I was quite happy to dance in front of relatives who were more than willing to spray money on my forehead (A Nigerian tradition) for my wonderful dance steps.

Photo credit - Barbara Speak's 70th Anniversary 

Banking in the West

Roll on the years and my dreams of being an entertainer died and I found myself in banking. I was in banking for 5 solid years before I decided that this wasn’t quite how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I did gain skills in selling though which has become valuable in later years.

Hounslow Branch where I spent most of  my banking experience

Publishing Industry

I yearned for my childhood dream of being an entertainer and after completing my degree which included communications, I started applying to several media firms hoping to get a role in TV. In 1997, I landed an internship at Pride Magazine, UK’s largest and most successful magazine for people of colour and the only place they could offer work experience was in their busy marketing department. One of the projects I enjoyed organising was their monthly reader parties which was held in the highbrow area of Nottinghill Gate. Even though it appeared glamorous because of celebrity guest appearances, there was lots of strategic marketing thoughts behind those parties.

Even before I joined Pride Magazine, I held part time jobs during my university years, conducting market research companies for corporate clients. How can I forgot those long winded surveys on loft installation? I later discovered they those surveys at British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) were so vital to the growth of a company.

Involved in  Events & Marketing 

Events and Marketing

After Pride Magazine, I found myself at FT Magazines, Channel 5 and BBC. I spent my longest time at over eight years at BBC in the Events and Marketing Departments before relocating to Lagos in 2008. Since 2008, I have delivered Corporate events and Training for top firms and individuals.

Why I am narrating all this history?

With all the experience behind my belt, over 20 years, coupled with my experience in training, I am in the best position to coach others. There is so much to marketing other than writing impressive marketing ads. There is so much strategic thinking and planning. Marketing can be entertaining as well as creative. So I am living my childhood dream, even of I am not dancing. 

I look forward to helping you achieve your calls in the New Year. To find out more about my High Impact Marketing Coaching please click the link.

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With love RiRi

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